Reserved Kittens

Reserved Kittens

updated 03-01-21


Reserved List

  (Deposit Given) 

Deposits Received

For 4 litters due


 February 2021

April 2021




1. First Pick

Blue Male

Reserved by Kathy I

Deposit Received

2. Second Pick

Blue Male

Reserved by Sandra I

Deposit Received 

3. Third Pick


Reserved by Lisa C

Deposit Received 

4. Fourth Pick

Male Seal (dark)

Reserved by Darrel M

Deposit Received 

5. Fifth Pick

Male no color choice

Reserved by Tori C

Deposit Received 


Male Seal Point

Ready to leave

March 2021

Reserved by Katherine B

Deposit Received 

Deposits for Beauty’s

Litter Due 4-6-21


1. First Pick

 Female Blue Bicolor 

Reserved by Rain J

Deposit Received 

 Please understand

That reservations with Deposits

choose kittens before the

wish List with No Deposits


Wish List

No Deposit

Gabrielle O

Blue Point Male

2nd Kitten  

Male or Female

Seal Bicolor 

 Maria G

Above kittens have been adopted

Note: All photo’s are of my own Ragdolls Cats and Kittens. 

  Please give us a call for our litters that are now available!!

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